Updates to Clues 1 & 2

It’s November and the roof hasn’t fallen in. I’m still not too sure of the significance of it though. But, we’ve made some progress, so let’s catch up. These are the clues and their solutions as at 1 November 2013:

Clue 1:

District (Solution): If you follow the link left in the comments to an IMDB entry, you’ll find that this image refers to the movie District 9. If you read more about that movie and think about the Society of Letters, you might notice the following associations: District, I is the ninth letter, and South Africa is home to a number of the SoL’s districts (you knew that, right?). There was certainly all sorts of trouble brewing in District 9. The SoL’s district I is UNDISCLOSED. This is a disconcerting association.

Looking for this woman? (Clue still open; speculative): No, we don’t know who she is. It is not Julie Andrews but the photo does look old. Looks like it’s at an underground station.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares (Solution): This novel is about a treasure hunt conducted by using books as keys to decoding messages. Page number/Line number/Word number.

The four pictures (Freshly Solved!) There’s a key. The sketch is correctly identified as being from the cover of the novel A World Between Us by Lydia Syson. There’s a snip from a You Tube video showing The Weavers at 0.27. Google them. Hmm….Google them and escribir. Bingo. Using Dash & Lily’s books as keys coding, try page 228 line 9 in A World Between Us. Go on try it!


Clue 2:

Reading and Writing jpeg (Still open; speculative): More people. A man and a woman this time in a picture.  No, we don’t know who they are but they’re surrounded by books. Also, they look like they might be in a Youtube video at 0.22. And they’re suspended, projected, displayed in a renovated warehouse. There’s a man looking at something. Nothing more is known.

amnesty-martin-powell-poet.jpg (Solution) – He’s embedded on the November calendar month. Google him and on his website under Poetry you see he’s written a poem for Amnesty Write for Rights. Google this and you find that Write for Rights is a letter and card writing campaign that urges people to send messages of hope to those suffering from human rights abuses. It runs from November through December.

Dash & Lily again (Solution): I think we’ve definitely got that one nailed.

Key 2 (Freshly solved!): A key again. A second one. So, following on the first clue, it’s probably a book. Maybe about clouds and writing letters. And we need to look up a couple of words in it. This one is tricky though. Another clue is needed.



So what do you think? Are we getting somewhere?

Well, yes – but where exactly?!!

Yours in letters

Lee Sol

More images are coming in!

Thank you to the YD Gatekeeper who’s been helping us understand what was going on with those weird messages we’d received. We’re still not completely sure what’s going on and the situation remains unpredictable.

We’ve had some more messages in. Same story -and we’re not making much headway. Take a look and see if you can:

First off, we received this image:

reading and writing

November? Uh-oh, that’s pretty close!

amnesty - martin powell poet

Someone’s being insistent; we’ve had this one before:

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - compressed

And there’s something familiar about this array too! What is it about those numbers?


As last time, any thoughts on a postcard…or e-mail, twitter or comments.

Yours in letters


The gates have been unlocked

Over the last week, a few Youth District Gatekeepers have been put in place – but only just in time.

Already, reports are coming in from somewhere about disruptions to our projects. We’re not sure where they’re coming from or which projects are affected yet, but we’re going to need our Gatekeepers (and any one who can assist them) to help us smooth things out.

We’re told that disquieting happenings have been witnessed:

machine in skyline

And that someone is looking for this woman:


A cryptic message was recorded: “I’ve left some clues for you. If you want them turn the page.”

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - compressed

And this:


We’re not sure what any of this means. If anyone has ideas that they think could help us to put the pieces together, please get in touch.

Yours in letters,


Archiving the Society of Letters


, ,

The Society of Letters has been around for a long time, longer than those of us alive today can remember. Ironically, the Society’s archiving methods were poor and much of its history has been lost. We’re hoping to change that and perhaps today’s communications technologies will help us to do that. So here we are. You’ve found us in our new online archiving home. A kind of scriptorium perhaps?

At the same time, the Society of Letters is branching out. Having operated across thirteen districts for as long as we can’t remember, now is the time for us to extend this and create an un-fourteenth district. This will be an umbrella district that unites the youth across our areas: the new Youth District. Tentative introduction letters have been delivered to selected candidates for 13 Youth District Gatekeeper positions and applications have started to roll in.



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